Journaling Techniques: The TOP 6 Secrets Every Beginning Journaler Needs

If you seriously want to achieve your goals, then this list of journaling techniques and secrets holds the keys you need to succeed.

The Point Of These 6 Secrets Are: Do A Little Everyday To Maintain You Mental Health

The important thing for beginning journal writers to understand with this list of secrets is the benefits to your mental health from journaling.

You need to know this because mental health checks are crucial for success.

Everyone needs  to understand this is key because if you don’t keep your mental health in check, your life, family and friends will also suffer.

Journaling Techniques Secret # 1 – Create And STICK To Your Work-Life Boundaries.

  • Choose a specific range of hours

  • When that time is done, turn off your work (phones, emails, etc.)

  • Tell your groups, teams, and people your boundaries

Journaling Techniques Secret # 2 – Exercise In A Way You Enjoy Every Day

  • Movement relieves stress

  • It boosts your endorphin levels.

  • It helps you to think clearly

  • It helps to relieve stress

Journaling Techniques Secret # 3 – Journal And Write

  • Writing out your thoughts (both positive and negative) gets them out of your head.

  • Once on paper you can see the truth and make a plan to deal with it.

  • You see it outside of yourself and understand and gain control of your emotions.

Journaling Techniques Secret # 4 – Get Support/Build Community

  • In-person is best: do lunch, and coffee, support someone’s child in a sporting or musical event. But GET out and be with people.

  • If that is not an option, then text, email, call and then use social media (Facebook and Instagram) to connect.

  • Be honest, and stay authentic. No comparison, only friendship.

Journaling Techniques Secret # 5 – Get In Nature

  • You can kill two birds by exercising outside.

  • Let the dirt get under your nails, the crunch of leaves sound in your ears, and the warmth of the sun fill your skin with Vitamin D.

  • Being outside lowers your stress levels thus helping your heart

Journaling Techniques Secret # 6 – Celebrate The Small Stuff

  • Cheer each time you complete the small stuff. It stacks up to knock off the big stuff.

  • If you are worried about something, make a plan and start small, and then CELEBRATE the WIN!

  • Hire out what you can and thank them

  • Automate what you can and be grateful that weight is off of you.

So the next step for you here is to take 10 minutes each day to look at the journaling techniques secrets checklist and implement it.

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